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Safe from the typhoon

Nov. 10th, 2013 | 04:41 pm

Most of you may have seen or read news about Super-Typhoon Haiyan, or Yolanda as my country named it. The media says it may be the strongest storm to make landfall in all of recorded history, surpassing Hurricane Sandy and Katrina. Here's a satellite image if you want to a better idea of how huge it was. It practically blotted out the whole Philippines!

Satellite imageCollapse )
My province wasn't badly hit, but the central part of the country suffered great damage. The city where I did the fieldwork for my undergraduate thesis is an absolute wreck. People have resorted to looting. Communication lines are mostly still down and I can't contact my friends who live in those islands.

The government was able to issue warnings a couple of days before, and I believe that helped. The sad thing is that some of the evacuation centers (mostly gyms or covered basketball courts) toppled down too. Not sure about the death toll as of the moment, but as of this morning it was 151.

If my area was directly in the path of the storm, our roofing would've been ripped off and there's a great chance that I would've been injured or even smashed to death. My heart breaks for the people who are suffering right now, and I'm so very thankful I am alive and well.

For those who would like to donate, here's the link to the Philippine Red Cross.

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Mom's Day <3

May. 12th, 2013 | 11:46 pm

For every one who is a mother, in one way or another
(especially those on my friends list! :3)

The day's ending on my side of the planet,
but I want to thank you for your loving heart ♥♥♥
You are more significant than you will ever know!

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When fandoms collide

Apr. 17th, 2013 | 06:38 pm

So, this happened sometime last week...

Title: Share With Those Who Need It
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Rating: G
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Mrs. Hudson
Word Count: 335
Warnings: Fandom humor
Summary: An unexpected delivery for 221b.
Notes: I don't like writing RPF, but this little Sherlock/Merlin cast crossover popped into my head while on break from Merlin Redux and begged to be written. Hopefully it hasn't been done before. It helps if you are familiar with both fandoms, but no real spoilers here. Unbeta'd and un-Britpicked.
Disclaimer: I don't own Sherlock, and while one character here is based on a real person and his public persona, the story is completely made-up. It is not intended to be mistaken for fact, and no libel is intended.

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Panicking about Merlin Redux

Mar. 28th, 2013 | 06:43 pm
mood: rushed

The deadline for Merlin Redux is looming (April 1st for rough drafts eeek). I only have about 50% done in actual words, but I have some pretty good direction on how everything's gonna go. Except for the conclusion, which remains a bit vague.

Is anyone up to beta for me? Or just paddle ideas around with me? It's a gen story with a G to maybe PG rating at the most. I will be most grateful ;____;

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Happy birthday, jelazakazone!

Mar. 21st, 2013 | 04:08 pm

I haven't kept in touch lately with all my tasks, but... happy, happy birthday to you jelazakazone!
You probably have a lot of Vlavla icons already, but here's an extra five of 'em. :)

Pvt. Keenan under the cut!Collapse )

Hope you have an awesome day! :)

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sociopathologist : a Sherlock/Molly fanmix (BBC Sherlock)

Feb. 6th, 2013 | 11:00 pm

Didn't think I'd be interested in Sherlock/Molly, not after I was obsessed with Sherlock/Irene for days after watching A Scandal in Belgravia. But alas, I fell in love with their relationship!

However, I'm more into exploring the dynamics of a relationship between two characters rather than outright shipping them romantically, if that makes sense. So this fanmix is more Sherlock/Molly than actual Sherlolly... what? Just ignore me, I tend to take terminologies and stuff too seriously.

Basically, this is what we have on our hands.

Molly: There's this man and I love him. At least I think I do.
Sherlock: Oh dear Lord.

Long story short, this mix is a study of how each one of them dealt with this situation over the course of the series,
and how they came together for The Reichenbach Fall.

I hope you try it out and enjoy! Comments would be appreciated :)
10 tracks + cover + tracklistCollapse )

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Happy birthday, k_nightfox!

Jan. 30th, 2013 | 10:27 pm

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, k_nightfox! :)
(That sounds awkward, what should I call you? :/)

I do hope you're feeling better! Hope you have a great day :)

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Jan. 24th, 2013 | 03:47 pm
mood: giddy

Incidentally, this is also what my face looks like whenever Mr. Morgan crosses my mind today:

( GIF credit : abbehtron@tumblr )

I am so so happy for this guy. Winning that award and being surrounded by good friends.

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Happy birthday, goreplz!

Jan. 10th, 2013 | 04:32 pm


Hope you have a lovely day dear :)

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[SPOILERS] The Day Will Come : a Merlin fanmix feat. the songs of Keane

Jan. 5th, 2013 | 09:08 am

Keane is my all-time favorite band. A few days ago I realized how a lot of their songs remind me of characters and relationships on Merlin. I've never made a fanmix before, but the thought of two things I love together was just too good to pass.

So that's what I've been working hard on for the last three days. An all-Keane Merlin fanmix. The band's overall sound is quite melancholic, which I think fits the darkness of the last 3 seasons (and the mood of many fans after the finale, haha!).

Personally, I'm really happy because:
The whole process made me rediscover how amazing Keane's lyrics are -- honest, poignant, and so well-written.
I was afraid I'd get sick of the band after combing through their discography for a couple of days, thankfully that didn't happen.
I feel like I have a better understanding of the characters now.
Working on the cover art & the tracklist forced me to refresh my Photoshop skills! Thankful for the great tutorials here on LJ.
It's good finale therapy.

Okay, enough blab. I'm quite nervous about how this turns out so the post is friends-only for now :)). Hope you guys try it out and enjoy :)
ETA [01-07-2012]: Forgot that I had Merlin friends who are either not on LJ at all or no longer active. Making this public!

Spoilers for the entire series, obviously.
17 tracks + cover art + tracklist

i'll meet you in the morning when you wakeCollapse )

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